Welcome to Access Association Services, Inc.

Serving homeowner's associations and common interest developments since 1997


1. What are your office hours?
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Thursday (excluding holidays)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday

2. What form of after-hours service does your company provide? 
Call the regular Access phone number, 408-782-1222. The voice mail system will give you the option of leaving a message in an emergency voice mail box. This voice mail box will page the on-call manager.

3. What can your company do to help us run our association more efficiently?
Access Association Services, Inc. has a proprietary database system that was created specifically for the community association industry. Our database tracks all information, owner contacts, work orders, violation letters, etc. The database is available within our computer network to all employees.

4. Are your management reports oral or written?
Written reports and complete financial reports are presented at the Board of Directors Meetings.

5. Does your company provide board meeting packages prior to the meeting?
Yes, and our packets include all of the following information:
agenda, previous meeting minutes for approval, Manager's Report
list of correspondence, work orders (service requests) pending and completed, telephone log / contact report, financial statements delinquency report, specifications, bids and contracts.

6. Does your company maintain an owner roster?
Yes – owner and tenant rosters are maintained by Access Association Services Inc., and we will work with the Board to develop customized print formats for these rosters.

7. Do you use individual unit files for each lot?
Yes, each unit owner has an individual unit file.

8. Are escrow and document costs billed to the association or to the owner?
Costs for resale or refinance of a unit are paid by the unit owner.

9. Does your company send out violation notification letters?
Yes, violation notification letters are written by the manager.

10. Do you help the Board establish a hearing procedure?

11. Will you keep all of the association's bank accounts in the association's name?
Yes, each association has individual operating and reserve accounts.

12. Does your company use trust accounts?
No, association funds are never commingled.

13. Are the cash receipts and disbursements statements submitted to the board on a monthly or quarterly basis? 
All financial reports will be submitted on a monthly basis unless a lesser frequency is requested in the contract, but not less than a quarterly basis.

14. Does your financial statement show an actual-to-budget comparison? 
Yes, both for the month and the year to date.

15. Does your financial statement show reserve account reconciliation?

16. Does your financial statement show the balance in each of the association's accounts?
Yes, the balance sheets also reflect investments for both operating and reserves.

17. How often are the bank statements reconciled?

18. How do you handle billing of members for their monthly assessments? 
Monthly statements are mailed to each owner.

19. Who signs the checks? How many signatures do you recommend? 
It is recommended that all checks be signed by two Board members.

20. Is the delinquency collection process handled in-house or by an outside company?
Delinquency collection is handled in-house up to the point of pre-lien notice. Beginning with the pre-lien notice, the account is turned over to an outside company for collection.

21. Do you provide a delinquency report on a monthly or quarterly basis?
All collection reports are submitted monthly.

22. Will your company prepare a pro forma budget?
Yes, the manager assigned to your account will prepare a pro forma budget for the Board of Directors.

23. How often is the reserve study conducted? (Section 1365.5(e) 
At least once every three (3) years in accordance with California Civil Code Section 1365.5(e).

24. Do you coordinate the activities involved in audit/review preparation?
Yes, Access Association Services, Inc, will provide the association records to the CPA firm selected by the Board.

25. When do you send out the review/audit?
Within 120 days after the close of the fiscal year, subject to the approval of the association’s Board of Directors.

26. Does your company prepare the 1099s for all of the association's unincorporated vendors?

27. What information does your company request from a contractor before awarding a contract for major work?
Access Association Services, Inc. requires the following information from the selected contractor:
Contractor's license, certificate of insurance, eligibility for bonding and a list of references.

28. How many bids do you obtain for major projects such as painting or roofing?
As many as required by Board policy with a minimum of three bids.

29. At what monetary level do you consider a job to be major?
$5,000 or more.

30. How do you handle service requests from homeowners?
All service requests are entered into the work order database with submitted to the Board of Directors each month as part of the board packet.

31. Does your company provide any in-house maintenance services?
Yes. Access Association Services, Inc. has an affiliated maintenance division primarily to provide cost effective maintenance for small jobs. Typically, our maintenance division will be able to respond quickly to fencing repairs, lighting replacements, sign installations, graffiti removal and other miscellaneous jobs.

32. How long has your company been in business?
Access Association Services, Inc. was incorporated in May of 1997 and is a California Corporation.