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Welcome to Access Association Services, Inc.

Serving homeowner's associations and common interest developments since 1997



In representing homeowners associations, one of our main responsibilities as the managing agent is to obtain, provide access to and distribute information to the homeowners within the community. At Access Association Services, Inc. we communicate to the membership through individual monthly newsletters, web site access to the association legal documents via on-line services and outstanding customer service staff that handles all incoming calls.



Each homeowners association has unique requirements; at Access Association Services, Inc. we work closely with the Board of Directors to identify the guidelines established by the governing documents and to provide each community with an individual plan for assisting the Board of Directors in the day-to-day management of the association. Access Association Services, Inc. has a current client base comprised of single family communities, condominium associations, townhouse associations, maintenance associations and commercial condominiums.



By offering levels of service from full management, accounting only and consulting packages, Access Association Services, Inc. can fine tune a management program to fit the needs of a large variety of common interest communities. Whether you choose full management, accounting services only or a consulting contract, Access Association Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional service.



Access Association Services is a full service management company specializing in homeowner associations and common interest developments. Our goal at Access is to provide a superior level of management services to our clients. This commitment is backed by a strong foundation of management skills, specialized computer systems, custom software solutions and highly trained support staff. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions to association management by tracking all work and service orders, maintaining individual homeowner/unit files and developing custom database programs that assist in monitoring the day-to-day operation of the association. Access is committed to providing quality management and services your association expects and deserves.



At Access we believe one of the most important keys to a smooth running association is communication. We consistently utilize state-of-the-art communication technology to eliminate any interruption of service. Homeowners can contact us through telephone, fax, voice-mail, e-mail, website and emergency pager. Our office staff and managers utilize the Nextel radio network to provide direct communications with staff and vendors. After hour emergencies are handled by our emergency paging system that integrates with our voice mail telephone system. Homeowners are directed to leave a message in the emergency mailbox, and the on call manager is paged. A manager is on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We host a company website, and have a toll free number for homeowner convenience.



With over 20 years of hands-on experience in homeowner association management, proprietary database and network computer systems we are able to manage our associations efficiently and effectively. Custom software applications include, work order, parking registrations, architectural standards and CC&R violations. With our experience in managing common interest developments, we have compiled an extensive database of industry sources and professionals that enable us to advise our clients of the ever-changing standards in the industry. This information is instrumental in assisting the Board of Directors in making informed decisions that will protect, preserve and enhance the value of the association.